Twister FR S5

Versatile trailed sprayer atomizer, designed for mainly citrus and fruit farms, with tighter inter-row widths. Incorporates the TWISTER spray system, gaining efficiency.

Twister FR S6

Trailed sprayer for citrus, fruit, almond and super-intensive olive groves, with taller trees, higher cup density, and wider inter-row width

Twister FR Espaldera

trailed sprayer especially designed for the vines in spalier, taking into account all the particularities of this crop, and applying TWISTER technology

Twister FR Parron

Special trailed sprayer for vine growing, to obtain a unique effectiveness and efficiency. It is perfect for crops such as table grapes or kiwi

Twister FR Parron Inverter

The inverted air intake in the TW FR Parrón Inverter decreases the absorption of leaves from the ground. It is perfect for crops such as table grapes or kiwi.

Citrus FR

Trailed sprayer with double row of nozzles and triple air duct, for crops with significant cup density

Dinamic FR

It is the traditional trailed air blast sprayer, with a great flexibility of use.