Twister Sprayers

Passion, experience, promise and innovation

Twister Sprayers is the dedicated line of farm atomizers designed and manufactured by our company, Mañez y Lozano. This revolutionary product is the result of wind design engineering to deliver spray coverage on both sides of the treated leaf. We offer our clients standard and crop specific fan units which eliminate overspray as well as ineffective air blast.

Our piston pumps allow constant high pressure and smooth flow rates. Maintenance costs are minimized by using standard inexpensive seals found on your local supplier´s shelf.

We pride ourselves as farmer-owned and operated, knowing that our products work day & night. Our clients recognize us the leading manufacturer in national sales ongoing since 2006, as recorded in the Spanish government register of agricultural machinery (Registro Oficial de Maquinas Agricola ROMA).

  • Reliable quality
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Efficient treatments
  • Constant R+D studies
  • We respect the environment



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