Sistromatic Control

The SISTROMATIC computer control device is adaptable to all sprayers, assembled with latest generation electronic components and ergonomically designed specifically for treatment of irregular tree spacing and wide plantation rows. The unit distinguishes the size of the individual tree and the application of the precise quantity of product, automatically stopping the flow of chemicals in spaces where there is no vegetation.

The equipment consists of a cabin mounted computer, a speed sensor, sonar sensors, stainless steel flow meter and electro valves for controlling nozzle spray.

Equipped with a 32-character retro-illuminated color screen in which we can see:
• gallons applied or gallons remaining
• flow rate in gallones per minute
• partial gallon counter
• total gallon counter
• tree counter
• gallons per tree
• option to reset trip gallones as well as trip tree totals
• enables independent sector manual or auto spray modes
• adjustable time controls to the tenth of a second for tree detection
• on screen alarms and recommended actions in case of errors

The SISTROMATIC controller reduces the cost of treatments by applying phytosanitary products to the leaf mass and drastically reducing excessive drift saving the user costs of materials and collaborates in preserving the environment from possible toxic overloads.