Gear driven “Super Series” Piston pumps

Within our central manufacturing facilities “Mañez y Lozano” is renowned for then production of their superior quality piston pumps using state of the art CNC machinery guaranteeing grade of excellence parts and service to our clients.

The ML-A1 Super gear drive pump is assembled with a PTO driven geared shaft mated directly to the throughput drive line. Our direct driveline system allows efficient transmission of the energy from the tractor to the air group. The ML-A1-EP adds a direct gear reduction to ensure minimal power absorption. The efficient design lowers pump speeds and therefore fuel consumption as well as pump wear.

Mañez y Lozano markets three different series of piston pumps, with different flow rates and pressures to adapt to customer needs.

The specified technical data is non-binding and can be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.