Mañez Lozano Twister Sprayers is the leading brand in the sector as we have demonstrated for more than 20 years in the Official Register of Agricultural Machinery (ROMA) in Spain.
We are a company that has revolutionised the traditional and obsolete systems that others continue to use in their equipment.

Sprayers, Pulverisers, Turbo Sprayers, Agricultural Machinery.
The company Mañez Y Lozano agricultural treatments was formed in 1961 with the project of carrying out phytosanitary treatments on our local farms. Due to the low performance of the sprayers of that time, Mañez Y Lozano designed their own equipment & manufactured the best specific pump on the market.
Through years of work and hands on know-how in this specific line of products, and using their manufacture experience, Mañez y Lozano S.L Agricultural Machinery was formed in 1976.
Our international expectations was kick started in 1989 with the integration of electronic systems in the turbo sprayers, pulverisers & spraying equipment, being the first European company to develop specific systems.

In our facilities we have the latest advances in CNC control numeric machinery performing the complete machining of the various pumps and elements of our machines.

History of Mañez Lozano Twister Sprayers



We initiated the launch of the new line of deposits manufactured using polyethylene, with simple access to the rear for the maintenance of the multiplier gear and rear transmission.


We designed, patented and manufactured a fan protection grille that prevents the absorption of leafs into the fan from the ground while at the same time spraying trees with aphids, thrips, mites, etc.


We formalized the corresponding patent and launched the Twister air group in its different versions with great success.


We designed the Twister air outlet system with multi-jets, which forces the air out of the nozzle in the form of a spiral, achieving a better penetration in the foliar mass and a better wetting of the back side of the leaves.


We amplified our installations to manufacture in house our air groups creating a new section with a specialised team.


We started the project for in-house manufacturing of the multiplier gear box, clutch, propeller and nozzles for our sprayers.


We launched the anti-pollution ecological mixer system that is currently used.


We computerise the “Sistromatic” equipment incorporating a CPU capable of reporting treated trees, liters/gallons applied per tree, liters/gallons applied per minute and liters/gallons consumed or remaining in the deposit.


We launched the “Herbitronic” equipment, with the technology and precision of the “Tronic” equipment, specifically for the treatments with herbicide and other low crops.


We launched the “Tronic” system, an intelligent device capable of applying the liters/gallons per hectare/acre treatments with unrivaled precision even for current systems.


We launched to the market and patented the “Sistromatic” equipment, capable of detecting the leaf mass and controling electrovalves when mass is detected, saving a large amount of phytosanitary products and thus respecting the environment (Our competitors did not hesitate to copy the system when the patent expired).


We manufactured the first sprayers for the application of agricultural phytosanitary products


We launched the first self-made piston pumps to the market. Some with direct transmission and others with transmission by means of a reduction shaft, being the first and only one in the market of its characteristics (it reduces the power absorbed from the tractor and decreases the wear of the friction parts).