Mounted atomizer Tw S6 5 low cultures

Mounted atomizer Twister Low Cultures

HP requirement: from 27 HP.

Available width: from 145 to 153 cm.

Tank Capacity: 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 litres


  • SVARIETY OF APPLICATION: Its design allows the treatment of vegetables and all types of cane crops, both low and high size.
  • BROAD COVERAGES: Possibility of treating the central part of the row thanks to the steerable adjustable double nozzles with anti-drop system, located in the lower part of the fan.
  • RAPIDITY IN THE APPLICATION: The high speed of advance and great maneuverability allows to reduce application time application achieving maximum performance.
  • HIGH PERFOMANCE: Its special V-Shapped design and nozzle orientation minimize drift losses, achieving an effective and environment respectful treatment.
  • Structural tube frame cold rerolling
  • Polyethylene main tank with level indicator
  • Polyethylene or polyester hand-washing and circuit-washing tank Multiple fi ltering system
  • Multiple filtering system
  • Hydraulic stirrer
  • Piston pump high pressure Máñez Lozano
  • Manual control with pressure regulator and pressure gauge
  • Transmission between pump and turbine by cardan Outer and tractor conexión Category 3 SAE G4

Technical specifications

The Twister diff users produce a turbulent air fl ow in spiral form that generate the movement of the foliar mass, thus avoiding the screen eff ect and penetrating eff ectively into the interior of the tree

  • Ventilation Mañez Lozano Ø820 mm with nozzle and counter-propeller in stainless steel with 18 blades, which ensure a homogeneous distribution of air volume
  • Twister diff users with 36 anti-drop nozzle holders with turbulence nozzles
  • Multiplier Mañez Lozano with two speeds and neutral capable of transmitting great power
  • Triple air channeling system, prevents rapid air from the peripheral part collides with the slow air generated in the central part, increasing the efficiency of the fan
  • Eight adjustable aerodynamic design blades that increase performance, reduce consumption and noise level
  • Duralumin helical core with steel jacket to prevent wear due to friction with the clutch
  • Aluminum ferrule centrifugal clutch that allows a smooth and progressive start

Air system characteristics


Pump specially designed for atomizers.

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Control with double switch to increase or decrease pressure (optional) and two switches to activate or deactivate the left and right solenoid valves.