Super Twister S6 trailed sprayer

Available models: Super Manual and Super Sistromatic

HP requirement: from 85 HP

Available width: from 197 to 240 cm.

Tank Capacity: 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 y 4000 litres

  • Designed for large farms and diff icult terrain
  • Double structural tube frame
  • Better stability on sloping or uneven terrain
  • Additional lateral tank attachments
  • Ultrasound system protector wings
  • Recommended use on semi-standard tractors (wheel arch following the tractor)
  • Double structural tube frame
  • Telescopic drawbar
  • Side step for reaching tank filler lid
  • Jockey wheel for parking sprayer
  • Fiberglass tank with level indicator and internal baffles tank
  • Hand wash and sistem rinse tank
  • Multiple filtering system
  • Product mixer
  • Cleaning robot inside the main tank
  • Hydraulic stirrer
  • Mañez Lozano high pressure piston pump with reducer shaft
  • Electric ON/OFF control command
  • Through tank PTO class 4 SAE G7
  • Tractor PTO class 4 SAE G7

Technical specifications

  • Stainless steel air coming with 18 blades to ensure homogeneous air volume distribution of air on both sides.
  • Triple air ducting system, which prevents the collision between fastest air produced in the upper part of propeller and slower, generated in the central part. This system increases the efficiency.
  • Propeller with duraluminium hub with steel sleeve to prevent wear due to friction with the clutch.
  • 8 adjustable helical pitch blades that regulate energy/power absorption, reducing noise level and fuel consumption.
  • Pale made of nylon and fi berglass.
    Lightweight, resistant, rigid and unalterable to corrosion.
  • Stainless steel air cowling.
  • Mañez Lozano gearbox with two speeds and neutral, able to transmit big power.
  • Alluminium iron clutch that allows a soft and progressive start and stop.
  • Stainless steel pipes.

Air system characteristics


Pump specially designed for atomizers. This pump is mounted with a reducer and a through shaft : the through shaft allows us to directly transmit the revolutions of the tractor joint shaft to the air system, and the reducer decreases the revolutions of the pump crankshaft , lowering the power absorption and, therefore, both the fuel consumption and wear of the pump.


Pump specially designed for atomizers.

8138730 mando on off ROJO recortado


Control with double switch to increase or decrease pressure (optional) and two switches to activate or deactivate the left and right solenoid valves.

mando tronic 1


The Tronic volumetric control is able to apply the l/Ha required for each treatment with respect to the forward speed.
3.2 “ (320X240) TFT colour screen which allows you to view all functions simultaneously
Identifi cation of electrical faults with on-screen alarms
Agenda that allows us to work with 50 diff erent fi elds and 15 diff erent treatments.



The Sistromatic control includes ultrasonic sensors for detecting trees
Real-time plant and tree counters
Control of input and output delays
3.2 “ (320×240) TFT colour screen with backlit keyboard
Identifi cation of electrical faults with on-screen alarms